We have a large library of documents including reference guides, file template documents, compliance support documents and much more for mortgage and insurance brokers. Most of the documents have been designed with feedback from brokers, and are routinely checked and improved upon to ensure they are up to date and working effectively. We find using the right document can improve a firms compliance, more often this is due to the document asking for the right information but can also be down to clarity and content.

No customer wants to spend an age going through lengthy documents often due to poor design, and brokers can cut the sales process times down by using better forms. We design the templates to be as short as possible but also capture all the information needed to be compliant. Over time we have identified common compliance errors when checking files and by altering documentation have been able to prevent these errors when our compliance documents are used

All our documents are available to purchase so please click here if you require any documents. By submitting the form you are not committed to make a purchase, we will send you more information on what's included, and if required a preview, prior to buying.


Documents Available

    • Customer file documents - Factfinds, Suitability letter, Terms of Business, Fee agreement, Demands and Needs statements etc .
    • TCF - Management Information templates, Gap analysis audits, TCF procedures TCF logs, template letters etc
    • Training and Competency - Logs and regsiters, T&C plan, Competency CeMAP tests, Competency logs, Observation checksheets, CPD log, Fitness questions etc
    • Compliance manual, Vulnerable customer procedures, business registers, debt consolidation calculator, data protection GDPR, and many more guides, training materials, we have all the documents a typical mortgage or insurance broker would need.


We continually update our documents both adding new documents for members and free documents for website visitors, so please bookmark us. Please use the drop down box below to access and view the latest free documents currently available.

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