The Consumer Duty sets higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across financial services, requiring firms to put their customers' needs first.   A new consumer principle that requires firms to act to deliver good outcomes for retail customers. Requiring firms to act in good faith, avoid causing foreseeable harm and enable customers to pursue their financial objectives.

Product Provider Fair Value Assessments

Under the Consumer Duty product providers are required to carry out fair value assessments on the regulated products they manufacture. Intermediaries are expected to review these assessments to establish if they offer fair value to their customers. The assessments help confirm the target market, characteristics and distribution strategy.

We have links to all the fair value assessments below to make it easier for you to check them. Please use the drop down to select the provider, which will take you directly to the providers Consumer Duty fair value assessment page.




The only way to prepare for the new consumer duty and ensure your firm is fully compliant is to conduct a Gap Analysis. A gap analysis audit on your business will highlight any shortfalls, you can then correct these to ensure your firm is fully compliant.

We have created a market leading gap analysis self-audit tool, specifically tailored for mortgage brokers which will evidence you have carried out a full business consumer duty audit and be compliant with the rules prior to the deadline. Details about the gap analysis tool:

    • The gap analysis tool is straightforward to complete and can be completed in your own time, so no wasted day having an on-site audit
    • It automatically highlights any shortfalls based on easy to answer yes or no questions covering all aspects of the customer journey, service and support systems
    • Additional guidance notes are included covering every question to provide further insight on any shortfalls identified, allowing you to easily take corrective action
    • Questions not only cover consumer duty requirements but compliance requirements for a mortgage and non-investment insurance broker
    • The audit is a 16-page word document, with over 80 questions which can be completed electronically or printed and completed offline
    • Includes a free gap analysis implementation plan, the ideal way to evidence the shortfalls identified, action required and confirm when any action has been completed
    • Considerably cheaper than an on-site audit and it's not a one off as the tool so can be re-used annually as a means of evidencing a compliance audit on the business and check any regular requirements have been completed for the year.

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